9 Ideas to Help You Break a Rut

9 Ideas to Help You Break a Rut

Life is never a parabolic rise to the top.

There will be bumps and bruises, pits and valleys along the way.

We’ve all found ourselves in a rut that seems impossible to get out of. 

Here are a few things you can try to snap out of a rut and regain control of your life

  1. Take care of your health
    When you’re feeling the blues, you might start breaking your routine. It’s easy to talk yourself into skipping the gym and turning to comfort foods to give you a quick dopamine rush, but these things are only going to get you feeling worse. Stick to your workout routine and keep eating quality foods that will elevate your mood.

  2. Put in the effort to make yourself look good 
    A rut can cause us to mope around and stop caring about our looks. We get lazy shaving, skip haircuts, and don’t dress to impress. Now, only do you feel down, but you don’t look like yourself. If you are feeling down, be sure to look fresh. It might be exactly what you need to turn the corner.

  3. Spend some time outdoors and do what you love doing
    Most Americans are spending over 90% of our time indoors. It’s not the way we are meant to live. Get connected with nature and soak up some vitamin D. So go for a little walk in the trial, to the beach, or enjoy your favorite outdoor hobbies and see if that helps you break the rut.

  4. Focus on getting small tasks done
    It feels good to get things done. We get a sense of pride and accomplishment. Look around and see if there are small things that need to get done, and tackle them one at a time. It can help you gain some momentum and get the ball rolling in your favor.

  5. Write down why you feel down and what can help you feel better
    Understand why you are feeling down and see what you can do about it. Write down the things in your life that have caused you some recent grief and brainstorm some things that might help make you feel better.

  6. Surround yourself with your closest people
    We often isolate ourselves when things aren’t going right. While it might feel right to lock yourself in a room, chances are it’ll only make you feel worse. We are tribal creatures and do best when we are surrounded with a strong circle. Being around the people you love most and sharing your problems with them can give you a fresh new perspective on how to tackle the problems you face.

  7. Do what you can do now and let go of regret
    Maybe you’ve made a mistake or didn’t do the things you should have in the past. Now is the time to let go of that regret. Dwelling on a mistake or missed opportunity won’t fix anything. Own your mistake, take the lesson, and let it help you become a better version of yourself.

  8. Take time daily to appreciate all that is good in your life
    When you hit a roadblock, it can feel like all aspects of your life are falling apart. Remember to take some time each day and remind yourself of all that is good. Whether it’s your family and friends, a roof over your head, or food on the table, appreciating the things that we often take for granted can help lift your mood and put things into perspective.

  9. Talk to a professional
    If you feel lost and hopeless for an extended period of time and it is affecting your quality of help, consider talking to a professional. Getting the fresh perspective can help you see things in a new light, help you regain your happiness and get things back on track.

Every roadblock in life is just another challenge for you to overcome. 

You are stronger than you realize and capable of more than you could ever imagine.

If you feel down and out, try some of these strategies and see if they can help you get back on track to seize the moment.

You have what it takes.