6 Methods to Help You Enter Flow State

6 Methods to Help You Enter Flow State

The flow state is defined as being fully immersed in the task at hand with maximum energy and focus. 

In the flow state, the individual is so dialled in they often lose the sense of self.

Commonly referred to as being ‘in the zone’ it is a state of maximum production with the least amount of effort. 

So how exactly do you get in the flow state?

Here are 6 effective measures we can take to maximize your chances of entering the flow state:

  1. Know the task at hand
    Before entering the flow state, it is important to know exactly what you are working on and what you hope to accomplish. You want to put all your focus on the one task so you are not moving back and forth and losing your rhythm.

  2. Remove distractions
    We live in a world full of distractions and there is always something trying to pry our attention. You want to make sure you are working in an environment that is distraction free. Distractions such as your cell phone, email, other people, TV and food should not sway your attention. Imagine an athlete constantly checking their phone in the middle of a game. It just doesn’t happen. They are focused. You should be too.

  3. Tame the wandering mind
    We have an estimated 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts a day. If you hope to enter the flow state, you want to limit your wandering mind of the extra noise. Breathing and meditation practice has been scientifically proven to improve focus. Journalling can also be a helpful tool in collecting and better understanding your thoughts so you can tame them when needed. 

  4. Exercise
    Good focus starts with good health. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress and balance your bodies stress hormones. It also releases endorphins and other neurotransmitters in your brain to improve focus and your overall self of well being. Exercise clears the mind so you can focus on your most important work.

  5. Eat brain foods
    Your input becomes your output, and that is true with the food you eat. Eating a nutritious diet enables your brain to be more efficient and elevate performance. Eating brain foods like blueberries, MCT oil, fatty fishes, coconut oil, walnuts, eggs, turmeric, coffee and dark chocolate will elevate your brain's performance and help you reach flow state.

  6. Repeat the Above Steps
    When it comes to your work, the goal is to reach flow state as often as possible. The work is never done. This is not about a quick fix. Repetition in anything is the first step to mastery. Repeat the steps above and you will find yourself entering the flow state more often and getting more done than ever before.

If you want to be a high performer, you want to maximize the chances of entering flow state every time you get to work.

Being in the zone when you work is critical.

Using some of the ideas mentioned above is sure to improve your performance so you can enter the flow state and deliver your best work.

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